Top Reasons to Choose Our Program…international-surrogacy

  1. You work directly with a Guatemala native, no middle people that have to make calls to get answers to your questions.  You can video chat directly with our clinics doctors in Guatemala anytime you want.
  2. The cost of surrogacy at Fertility Assistants is 50-80% lower than identical programs in the United States. Financial Help is Available!
  3. High percentage of successful pregnancies, currently 78%
  4. Availability of young / healthy surrogate mothers. No waiting lists
  5. Currently no wait time to start the process
  6. Prospective surrogate mothers in our program range in age from 21 and 35 years of age. All are healthy, excellent physical / mental condition and have already given birth to at least one healthy child
  7. Variety of Donors, giving you multiple choices for the best match for your family
  8. Child’s birth certificate contain the last name of the child’s biological family as well as your choice of first and middle names.
  9. A short flight from home, usually only a few hours from home from many major U.S. airports. For more information on our surrogacy program, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
  10. Central America has become the home to some of the best surrogacy programs in all the world. Highly trained. Highly skilled Doctor’s available to offer the same state of the art services at a much lower cost. To learn more about the skills and experience of our Doctors. Click Here.
  11. Fertility Assistants works in cooperation with the world’s top clinics and assisted reproductive centers, owned and operated by world renowned physicians. We also employ a dedicated team of legal professionals who have been successful at advocating for international surrogacy. Everyone on our team, from our doctors to the support staff are here for you every step of the way. From the very beginning of your surrogacy process, all the way to the birth of your child, we promise to make the journey as comfortable for you as possible.
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