Surrogacy Choices

Domestic surrogacy programs have been around decades, International Surrogacy programs for years. How do you choose which program is right for you?

Cost is unfortunately always at the top of everyone’s list, but a very close second is how is the Surrogate Mother going to be treated? Is this exploitation? For Guatemala Surrogacy the answer is most certainly a big no.

There are programs in other countries that have recently made the 6:00 news and it was disturbing for all of us to watch. The links are below and we encourage you to take a look and see what other programs offer.

In brief, they offer no benefits over Guatemala surrogacy. Our Surrogate Mothers are regular working women, most are married, and ALL live at home with their family and lead a normal life during their pregnancy process. Each of our Surrogate Mothers receive a daily check-in with a staff nurse, receive all of the proper pre-natal care, and most importantly after the pregnancy our job continues to make sure there is no post-partum depression. Our clinic in Guatemala is a normal infertility clinic that works with local citizens, not just International Surrogacy. Our clinic is staffed by Doctor’s… meaning in the plural sense of many Doctor’s, not just one as some programs offer.

Like everything in life, due diligence is a must and in such an important event as International Surrogacy, you must do the research to make the proper choice. For you and your Surrogate Mother.

Check out these links for information on another International Surrogacy Program.

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